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During development,
products are optimized
in terms of
friendliness, consumption
of resources
and durability.

aspects are taken
into consideration
as early as the
  • Eco-design workshops have been carried out during the development process of all new products since 2007 and with product modifications and technology projects since 2010.
  • Numerous products realize ecological improve-ments thanks to systematic development approach and Eco-design.
    In 2010, the focus was on the following:

    • Energy savings thanks to odor extraction with Geberit DuoFresh
    • Geberit AquaClean 4000 with 50% lower stand-by electricity consumption of 0.4 watts
    • Geberit AquaClean 4000 with 50% lower stand-by electricity consumption of 0.4 watts
    • Lead-free ECASTTM faucet line in the US at Chicago Faucets

  • The urinal flush controls product life cycle assessment was revised and published

  • Deployment of a new technological solution, beginning in April 2011, to simplify the conversion of the large flush volume on nearly all concealed cisterns from 6 or 9 liters to 4.5 liters
  • Continue systematical implementation of Eco-design workshops
  • Compilation of detailed product life cycle assessments for selected products

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Green building

Geberit has indepth
expertise in
the areas of water
drinking water
quality, sound and
green building.

Geberit is the
leading partner for
the planning and
implementation of
first-class sanitary
solutions for green
  • Geberit products are exemplary in terms of water and energy consumption and sound insulation. The range of Geberit products facilitates the implementation of green building and the fulfillment of standards such as Minergie and LEED.
  • Geberit products such as the Duofix and GIS installation systems offer great flexibility and are suitable as lightweight construction systems in renovations and new buildings.
  • The Silent-PP drainage plug-in system is the stan-dard for low-noise drainage in buildings.
  • ProPlanner software supports sanitary engineers in the implementation of solutions for green building.

  • Active positioning of WELL (Water Efficiency Label) in the core European markets
  • Targeted search for green building reference objects in core European markets and in the Asia/Pacific region
  • Expansion of the product portfolio for green building

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