WELL – a label measures the water efficiency

A great deal of water can be saved in both private and public facilities with modern sanitary technology. However, it is difficult to determine how economical a given product really is at first glance. The WELL label was developed as a solution to this problem.

When it comes to the water efficiency of sanitary products, it is not easy to keep track. For this reason, the European umbrella organization of the sanitary valve industry and a number of well-known manufacturers – including Geberit – have developed a classification system which provides instant information on the water efficiency of a product. The WELL classification system (which stands for “Water Efficiency Label”) is based on a similar set of symbols already used in the established pan-European system to identify the energy efficiency of motor vehicles and electronic devices.

In addition to the central aspect – namely water consumption – aspects such as hygiene and the number of flushing programs (with toilet flush systems and urinals) or temperature limitation and sensor control (with lavatory faucets and shower fittings) are also considered and assessed depending on the product category. Geberit intends to have all products that are relevant for European markets classified according to the WELL system. Geberit products that have already been classified have consistently achieved top ratings.