BIM files for 3D bathroom design

Bring your bathroom to life

Value for you:

- With Geberit BIM files you can visualise your bathroom design including the concealed toilet cistern and button fully rendered

- You get comprehensive product information regarding:

  • dimensions,
  • item code,
  • WELS rating (if it is a cistern),
  • finishes/colour,
  • material,
  • compatibility with other Geberit products (ie. which plate fits what cistern)
  • direct link to our website

- It is free to download and use for all sorts of software available in Australia.

Our flush buttons and cisterns are fully rendered while other brands might just have the 3D line drawings but not the close to real life appearance incl. colour and finishes.

Feel free to download the packaged zip file by clicking the link on the right hand side or visit Yepsketch for individual products.

It includes files for the following Geberit products:

  • Kappa20 mechanical flush plate
  • Kappa21 machanical flush plate
  • Kappa50 mechanical flush plate
  • Sigma Bolero mechanical flush plate
  • Sigma20 mechanical flush plate
  • Sigma50 mechanical flush plate
  • Sigma60 mechanical flush plate
  • Panel Mount Pneumatic plate
  • Sigma Pneumatic flush plate
  • Dual-Flush Pneumatic plate and care
  • Kappa Pneumatic Dual-Flush plate
  • HyTronic Electronic plate
  • Sigma 75 cistern
  • Sigma 75 Pneumatic cistern
  • Sigma120 cistern (UP320)
  • Kappa Under Counter 150 cistern (UP120)
  • UP170 Urinal cistern
  • Monolith slimline fornt of wall cistern
  • Duofix Chair Bracket
  • New products added to the range:
  • HyTronic 185 and 186 sensor tap
  • Urinal Partition walls
  • Sigma01 dual-flush plates - Only available at Reece stores
  • Sigma80 electronic, sensor operated dual-flush plate - Only available at Reece Bathroom Life Stores
  • Diseno Bottle Trap