Functionally reliable, clean and secure

Geberit Sensor Taps

Functional and aesthetic

The touchless bathroom responds to you automatically. Infrared-controlled touchless taps respond quickly with a controlled flow of water that automatically responds to movement. They are highly functional, with reliabile operation and easey to clean.

The wide range and alternating dual-beam detection system has very wide scanning range for reliable function. Various operating programs, such as a water-saving, economy mode, interval flush, the taps offer you a high degree of versatility, operational safety and easy maintenance. The interval flush prevents traps from drying out if they are in a location that may not be used regularly. The setting are quick and easy to change using the Geberit remote control.

Wide range covering every area of application

Geberit sensor taps can be supplied with mains power, battery operation or an innovative self generating power supply that converst the supply water into power that recharges the battery. They can be fitted with or without mixer handle to ajust water temperature. Their bright chrome-plated surfaces and compact design make them easy to clean.

Geberit’s mini power station

A small generator makes the touchless taps independent from the mains power supply or battery power. Whenever the tap is in use, the flowing water charges the accumulator via the hydroelectric turbine which produces electricity. The electricity is loading an accumulator that makes sure that the tap is operational at any time.

Top eco-balance

This system reduces the ecological impact by 50% compared to the use of batteries and 80% compared to an electrical connection. The ideal solution for sustainable projects.

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