Peace and quiet in domestic installations

Geberit acoustic insulation systems

Geberit installations: so that the neighbours also get a quiet night

Running water generates sounds which can spread through the house and disturb other occupants. Because noise has become a real environmental hazard, Geberit optimises the components of the domestic installation as regards acoustic insulation so that no one's sleep is disturbed by a neighbour going to the toilet. Due to hydraulically optimised fittings, sound-reducing materials and acoustically decoupled installations, Geberit systems limit noise propagation to a minimum. Geberit operates its own acoustics laboratories to improve acoustic insulation.

The self-supporting installation elements of the Geberit Duofix and Geberit GIS installation systems limit the so-called solid-borne sound. The installation systems and sanitary fixtures are decoupled from the building structure, thereby avoiding sound bridges to adjoining rooms. With an acoustic insulation set, ceramic appliances for wall-hung toilets can be further acoustically doubled from the tiles efficiently.