Our lightest touch flush activation

Geberit Sigma70


A slim plate made of glass or stainless steel, floating mere millimetres from the wall, without any buttons or knobs: this is the new Geberit actuator plate Sigma70 with dual flush. In spite of the extensive know-how that goes into this product, it can be installed in next to no time.

Featuring servo support

A small pulse is all it takes for the servo lifter in the cistern to lift the flush valve with virtually no noise at all.

Fully-fledged system solution

The Geberit flush plate Sigma70 is compatible with every Geberit concealed cistern in the Sigma range.

Just a gentle press

The slim glass or stainless steel plate sits on an invisible rocker and gives the impression of floating in front of the wall. You only need to press it a few millimetres to start the flush mechanism.

Geberit actuator plate Sigma70, customised

The customised version of the Geberit actuator plate Sigma70 allows the customer to select a surface that suits their individual tastes. The surface is then fastened to the actuator frame using the adhesive provided.