Geberit HDPE pipes and fittings

The preferred choice for trade waste

Drainage can involve a lot more than just moving liquids. Geberit have invested over 35 years in the research and development of technical solutions for drainage systems.

Light weight, yet incredibly strong, Geberit HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) piping systems are best suited for trade waste and drainage applications. With a high resistance to chemicals and heat, Geberit HDPE is particularly effective when used in laboratories, commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and for areas with a high concentration of grease or chemical waste.

Weigh it up:

Geberit HDPE piping systems are also cost effective, particularly when compared to metal piping systems; when you consider the initial cost of the materials and factor in additional labour costs as a result of material weight, you’ll find Geberit HDPE a far more economical alternative.

Geberit HDPE can take virtually anything you throw at it

Robust and resistant to heat, Geberit HDPE pipes can withstand hot water temperatures of 80ºC, up to 100ºC for short periods, and are resistant to 95% of all commercially available alkalis, acids and chemicals. Geberit HDPE pipes and fittings can also withstand shocks, drops, impacts and pressures of up to 1.5 bar.

There’s HDPE. And there’s Geberit HDPE.

Geberit HDPE offers superior performance high quality pipes and fittings with a low shrinkage rate compared to some brands. This means less expansion joints, lower installation costs.

Geberit quality tools deliver time and cost saving advantages.

A simple pop up flag on the electrofusion fittings will indicate if the welding has been performed correctly, reducing the need for leakage testing.

Play safe, no glues.

Geberit HDPE pipes and fittings can be prefabricated without the need for gluing. They can be connected using butt welding, electrofusion welding, screw connections or flanges. Once welded HDPE connections will never leak or break and form a stronger bond than the pipe itself. Safe and environmentally friendly, Geberit HDPE pipes and fittings are 100% recyclable. No toxic emissions are released during manufacture or in the event of a fire.