Innovative Solution for Multi-Storey Drainage

Geberit Sovent

Significant cost savings on materials and labour

Geberit has developed a more cost effective and efficient alternative to conventional drainage systems used in high rise buildings. The Geberit Sovent system eliminates the need for a secondary vent line. The ingenious design of the Sovent system enhances the flow capacity of the discharge stack and at the same time ensures self-venting within the stack, allowing for greater loading. The Geberit Sovent system can deliver considerable cost savings on materials and labour costs.

The best solution for high rise buildings.
The Geberit Sovent system is extremely cost-effective in high rise buildings. Due to its high capacity and excellent performance Geberit Sovent is the ideal drainage solution.

Tricky task for hydraulics experts
Rapidly changing pressure situations in conventional discharge stacks above a certain length can lead to unwanted side effects. For example, it could cause the floor pipes connected to the stack to be suctioned empty by high negative pressure or be blown empty by overpressure. This is why the drainage systems of many high-rise buildings include very generously dimensioned discharge stacks and a parallel ventilation pipe that is connected with the discharge stack at regular intervals.

Increased stack capacities.
Delivers increased stack capacity, with better performance than a conventional, fully vented stack. Available in Ø 110 mm and Ø 160 mm, and reaches a capacity of up to 12 l/s*(Ø 110 mm) and 17 l/s (Ø 160 mm) per stack.

Multiple Joint Solutions
Adaptable to suit up to 6 connections within a limited space with the Sovent fitting to suit most building designs.

Save time on site by prefabricating.
Geberit HDPE is ideal for prefabrication because the material is light weight, robust with an easy leak proof welding process. Geberit tools make prefabricating pipework a fast and affordable option.

Conventional connection of the floor pipes to the discharge stack Geberit Sovent
When water in the discharge stack meets water from the floor pipe, negative pressure or overpressure can arise and lead to unwanted side effects resulting from the pipe being either suctioned empty or blown empty. The hydraulically optimised fitting for the floor connection enables the use of discharge stacks of smaller dimensions and the possibility of dispensing with a parallel ventilation pipe, thus saving costs and space.