Quality choice in drainage

Geberit HDPE tarde waste and drainage solution.
Geberit HDPE flange connection

Drainage with a system
Geberit know-how covers the entire path that the water travels as it moves through a building. From the connection to the water supply through the distribution to all of the floors and consumers, all the way to the drainage of buildings and roofs into the public sewage system, systems are available which are perfectly tailored to one another.

Setting tomorrow's standards today
With the Geberit waste and drainage systems and Geberit waste fittings and traps, Hydraulic Engineers and Plumbers are offering their customers a solution that represents the highest standard in technology with respect to hydraulics, fire protection and sound insulation, reliability, ease of installation and environmental properties.

Using the ' know-how of our customers
Practical suitability, simple and safe handling on the building site are crutial for the success of the project. That's why Geberit takes into account the feedback from the trade and hydraulic engineers across the world when designing new produtcs and adding new functionalities to an existing system. This means that the know-how of our customers is transferred into every new Geberit product.

Geberit HDPE drainage pipes and fittings

Building drainage systems

For practically all areas of building drainage, Geberit offers the appropriate solutions – from optimised fire protection and sound insulation installation in single-family and multi-family houses through waste and drainage systems for high-rise buildings, all the way to special solutions for industrial and commercial applications. It is not only the findings from the company's own Research Departments and laboratories that find their way into Geberit products and Geberit systems, but also the feedback from our customers.

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Geberit Pluvia outlet

Roof drainage systems

With the Geberit Pluvia roof outlet, Geberit has revolutionised water drainage from large roof areas. The negative pressure technology of the roof drainage system achieves a discharge rate practically twice as great as conventional waste and drainage systems and simplifies the planning of the entire system. This means that large buildings are well-equipped for increasingly frequent heavy rainfalls.

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Geberit Sovent 110 special fitting

Innovative solution for multi-storey drainage

Geberit has developed a more cost effective and efficient alternative to conventional drainage used in high rise buildings. The Geberit Sovent system can deliver significant cost savings on materials and labour while reducing the impact on space.

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Diesno bottle trap for washbasins

Waste fittings and traps

Safe, reliable and with a high discharge capacity: Geberit waste fittings and traps close the gap between such sanitary equipment as showers, bathtubs, washbasins, floor drains, washing machines and dishwashers. They ensure that everything fits together in the building installation.

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