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Geberit Training for Plumbers

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At Geberit, we're committed to making sure Plumbers are well trained and confident when installing Geberit concealed cisterns. That's why we've introduced a plumbing course to help make installation and service as simple as it was designed to be. To register for the plumber training and become a Certified Geberit Plumber call 1800GEBERIT or register online.

We're committed to making sure the trade is well trained and confident.

Concealed cisterns

When single lever mixers were first introduced to Australia 20 years ago, it took time for the trade to get used to the idea. But once you knew how to install one, it became second nature and you'd never install anything else. It's the same with concealed cisterns.

Cisterns can be easily serviced through the flush/access plate.

The beautifully designed flush plates, of varying finishes, provide easy access to the moving parts of the cistern. To make it even easier, we have created a series of service and installation videos which you can find on our YouTube page, visit "My Geberit Australia"

Note: excl. Pneumatic remote

Excellent customer support to both trade and retail.

Geberit's team of sales and support professionals are eager to assist with all your installation, product selection and maintenance questions.

A one piece blow moulded tank for a secure water tight seal.

Geberit concealed cisterns are Swiss designed, so of course you can feel confident in our seamless manufacturing process.
Each tank is one piece blow moulded and pressure tested for absolute water tightness before assembly.

Piece of mind.

Geberit concealed cisterns come with a 10 yrs warranty on cistern tank, frame and 25 yrs spare parts supply guarantee.

Strong, stable and easy to install.

Each Duofix frame is tested to withstand 400kg of weight. Cisterns are quick, easy to install and require minimum tools. All necessary materials and parts are included.