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Geberit HDPE

Smart choice for trade waste

Economical solutions for the dirty work

Geberit HDPE is the complete solution for all types of drainage, both above and below ground. The pipes and fittings are manufactured from high density polyethylene and offer numerous advantages compared to conventional piping systems. Geberit HDPE has a high impact and abrasion resistance, is flexible and offers multiple connection options. These combined properties make it ideal for prefabrication, high traffic areas and trade waste applications where quality and reliability are important.

  • Resistant to around 95% of all standard alkalis, acids and chemicals.
  • Suitable for long term exposure of temperature up to 80°C, with short term exposure up to 100°C.
  • The pipes and fittings withstand shocks, drops, impacts and pressures of up to 1.5 bar.
  • Cost effective: due to its light weight and low shrinkage rate (less expansion joints), high savings can be achieved in labour and installation costs.
  • Can be prefabricated without the need for gluing.
  • Geberit PE is suitable for embedding in concrete.

Many good reasons for Geberit HDPE

A Geberit HDPE pipe installation with various fittings, pipe dimensions and connection technologies
Polyethylene pipes are resistant against standard chemicals

Resistant against chemicals, greasy wastes and high temperatures

For many applications in industry and laboratories

The Geberit HDPE drainage system is suitable for a multitude of applications in laboratories, commercial kitchens, food preparation areas and for areas with a high concentration of grease or chemical waste. Geberit HDPE has excellent long term exposure to temperatures up to 80ºC and short term exposure to 100ºC.

Fittings for the Geberit HDPE drainage system

A proven solution

For virtually every drainage task

Geberit HDPE is the complete solution. Virtually every drainage task can be accomplished with Geberit HDPE discharge pipes. Robust and impact resistant proven performance over many years.

A Geberit HDPE pipeline embedded in concrete

In the wall and floor

Laying in concrete and in the ground

The robust Geberit PE pipelines can be installed in concrete or laid in the ground, designed according to accepted engineering practice.

A welding joint of two connected Geberit HDPE pipes

Permanent seal

Highly reliable thanks to the welded joints

The welded joints of Geberit HDPE pipes remain water tight joints for the life of the building and offer building owners and plumbers a high degree of safety and reliable performance.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Certified fire protection solutions for many installation situations

The Geberit HDPE pipes and fittings are 100% recyclable and meet Green Star requirements. No toxic emissions are released during manufacture or in the event of fire.

A hydraulically optimised Geberit HDPE branch fitting, swept entry

High discharge capacities

Hydraulically optimised for greater economic efficiency

Low friction losses result in higher flow rates and greater economic efficiency. The hydraulically optimised geometry of the fittings ensures a high discharge capacity in the drainage system and allows both an economical dimensioning of the pipes as well as a space-saving configuration of the pipe ducts.

The robustness of Geberit HDPE pipes

Shockproof, flexible and resistant to corrosion

Intact pipelines even in cold conditions

High level of impact resistance, even in cold temperatures as low as -40 °C: this robustness provides, most notably, a guarantee during the construction stage that the pipelines will remain intact despite possible mechanical influences. Geberit HDPE is virtually indestructible, making it suitable for use in exposed areas such as car parks.

Prefabricating Geberit HDPE piping systems

Ideal for prefabrication

Simple and rapid installation

System structures can simply be prefabricated at the workshop for larger construction projects. Thanks to its light weight, the prefabricated system can also be supported in upper storeys. Geberit HDPE can be prefabricated without the use of toxic glues.

Geberit HDPE pipes are UV resistant


Outside storage possible

The polyethylene used by Geberit contains special additives which effectively protect against UV rays. The weatherproof Geberit HDPE pipes can therefore be stored outdoors for months.

The connection technologies of the Geberit HDPE piping system

Connections for all circumstances

Solutions for every situation and every connection type

The numerous Geberit connection technologies offer easy, quick and in a way that is permanently leakproof solutions: butt or electrofusion welding, expansion socket, ring seal socket, flange, screw connection, clamp.

Geberit HDPE assortment

  • Fittings for the Geberit PE drainage system
  • Large selection of fittings
  • Diverse special fittings
  • A Geberit PE Sovent fitting for drainage in high-rise buildings

Geberit Sovent fitting

Economical drainage of high-rise buildings

  • Hydraulically optimised fittings for a floor connection
  • Allows for small stacks
  • No parallel ventilation pipe required
  • Cost and space saving
  • Made of robust PE plastic
  • Can be combined with Geberit HDPE discharge pipes

  Geberit HDPE
Material HDPE
Coefficient of linear expansion 0.17 mm/(m K)
Absorption of linear expansion Requires expansion socket
Installation temperature -20 to 40 °C
Permanent load application temperature -20 to 80 °C
Chemical resistance 95 % of all standard alkalis, acids and chemicals
Nominal width (DN) Dimension d x s (mm)
30 32 x 3
40 x 3
50 50 x 3
56 56 x 3
60 63 x 3
70 75 x 3
90 90 x 3.5
100 110 x 4.3
125 125 x 4.9
150 160 x 6.2
200 200 x 6.2
200 200 x 7.7
250 250 x 7.8
250 250 x 9.7
300 315 x 9.8
300 315 x 12.2