Mosman Frazer House Preserving heritage

“What truly stood out to me was Geberit’s remarkable commitment to providing spare parts for up to 50 years and the assurance of backward compatibility across their product range.” Linda Frazer, Owner.


Mosman Frazer House (© Adam Powell)

Mosman Frazer House, a cherished architectural gem, is undergoing a renovation driven by Linda Frazer’s deep-rooted desire to restore its former glory and ensure its longevity. As the daughter of the late Albert William Allan Frazer, Linda holds a profound attachment to the family home and is committed top reserving its heritage.

With a vision to create a space that seamlessly blends elegance, functionality, and innovative design, Linda sought the expertise of renowned architects Studio P and collaborated with suppliers who shared her commitment to quality. Geberit, the pioneer in concealed cisterns and renowned for its exceptional sanitary solutions, was the natural choice to enhance the bathrooms in Mosman Frazer House.

“In our initial encounter with Geberit, I was immediately captivated by their rich legacy of innovation in sanitaryware. What truly stood out to me was their remarkable commitment to providing spare parts for up to 50 years and the assurance of backward compatibility across their product range. This invaluable feature grants me the utmost confidence in using their concealed cisterns, as it guarantees the long-term preservation of this house.” - Linda Frazer

Mosman Bathroom (© Adam Powell)

With 150 years of sanitary knowledge, Geberit’s concealed cistern is a pinnacle of engineering excellence. The concealed cistern’s robust construction, leakproof design, and unrivalled performance align flawlessly with Linda’s goal of preserving the heritage of Mosman Frazer House while embracing the latest technology.

Paired with the elegant Kappa 21 flush button in white with gold trim, which exudes sophistication and modern aesthetics, the bathroom spaces achieve a seamless fusion of classic charm and contemporary design. Geberit’s dedication to innovative solutions ensures that Linda can honour the architectural legacy of Mosman Frazer House while introducing new elements that enhance functionality and elevate the overall experience.


Mosman Flush Button (© Adam Powell)

The Geberit Kappa concealed cistern and Kappa flush button were carefully selected to meet Linda’s high standards for quality, reliability and hygiene. Geberit’s commitment to innovation and its status as the pioneer in concealed cisterns played a pivotal role in Linda’s decision. By incorporating Geberit’s exceptional products, Linda not only preserves the heritage of Mosman Frazer House but also embraces the spirit of innovation, ensuring that the house remains a testament to timeless beauty and modern living.

The collaboration between Linda Frazer and Geberit exemplifies a shared commitment to excellence, preservation, and innovation. As the renovation progresses, Mosman Frazer House will harmoniously blend tradition and innovation, creating a living space that captures the essence of the past while embracing the possibilities of the future. Geberit is proud to contribute its superior sanitary solutions, which not only enhance the functionality of the bathrooms but also celebrate the rich architectural heritage with a touch of innovative brilliance.


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