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Flush Button showroom

Geberit Flush Button Showroom

At the end of the day, it’s your bathroom. This is why you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to choosing the right flush button for your bathroom design. The same goes for your tiles, taps and ceramics. Selecting the right design options means ensuring that individual nuances are perfectly coordinated. The flush button not only adds the finishing touch to your bathroom, it also offers comfort functions that can really enhance your lifestyle such as DuoFresh odour extraction or touchless technology.

Discover the extensive range in our Flush Button Showroom and be inspired by the variety of shapes, colours and materials on offer.

time of touchless

Transform your bathroom ambiance with Geberit Sigma80 Bluetooth Touchless flush buttons, offering contactless operation and a sleek design with sophisticated colour combinations. With the Geberit Control App, you have full control at your fingertips, adjusting settings like cleaning mode, flush settings, illumination, and accessing comprehensive statistics data. Ideal for premium Developers, Architects, and Designers seeking to increase building asset value and attract top-tier tenants, the Sigma80 is backward compatible and future-ready. Plumbers benefit from easy commissioning and efficient repairs with the intuitive app and Online Catalogue for quick access to product information and spare parts. Efficient facility management is made easy with data-driven insights, enabling proactive maintenance and optimizing resources for a seamless bathroom experience.

Touchless Innovations

Geberit SIGMA70Minimalist, Floating design

Design flexibility

Sigma50 White Banner

Geberit flush buttons combine intelligent functions with convenience, ensuring a heightened sense of freshness and cleanliness in the bathroom. Choose from a range of options to suit all tastes and requirements, including:

  • DuoFresh Odour extraction unit: eliminate unpleasant bathroom odours with ease.
  • Orientation light: guide you through the night with a soft, gentle glow.
  • Insert for Geberit DuoFresh sticks: keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.
  • Touchless toilet flush: enjoy a more hygienic bathroom experience with touch-free flushing.
  • Surface-even installable flush buttons: create a sleek, modern look with a flush-mounted installation.
  • Remote flush actuations: control your toilet flush from a convenient location.

Perfect form meets perfect function

Geberit flush buttons are not just stylish, but also offer versatile functions that enhance the overall bathroom experience. Some buttons are compatible with the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit, which can be conveniently installed behind the flush plate. This innovative unit uses advanced technology to extract unpleasant odours right at the source, ensuring a clean and fresh-smelling bathroom every time. The Geberit DuoFresh unit suits a range of styles, including the Sigma50 and Sigma01 models, making it easy to find the perfect match for any bathroom decor. Whether you're renovating an existing bathroom or designing a new one from scratch, Geberit DuoFresh is an excellent choice for a clean, modern, and hygienic bathroom experience.

Geberit DuoFresh

Fingerprint-Resistant Coating

Geberit's matt chrome finish flush button is a great addition to any modern bathroom, providing both style and functionality. One of its key features is its easy-to-clean coating, which is not only fingerprint-resistant but also helps keep the bathroom hygienic by preventing the buildup of dirt and grime. With a simple wipe-down, the button will look as good as new, ensuring that it retains its sleek and stylish appearance for years to come. This feature, combined with the button's high-quality construction and user-friendly design, make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom.

Anti-Fingerprint Surface

Clever functions


Surface-even Geberit actuator plate Omega60

Surface-even Geberit flush buttons Sigma60 sits flush with the wall surface, preventing any disruption in the harmony of the design. Their minimalist elegance not only allows them to fit in beautifully with the latest design trends, but also makes them the perfect choice for even the most sophisticated bathroom fixtures.

Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom

Designed to provide you with all the tools you need to feel inspired and bring your project to life, the 3D Virtual Showroom gives you the freedom to interact with Geberit products and services in a realistic and immersive environment from anywhere, at any time, and completely free. You can find front and back of wall sanitary solutions, including innovative building drainage systems, concealed cisterns, flush buttons, touchless hygiene solutions, and more.

Virtual Showroom

Everything with a system – Geberit flushing systems

Geberit provides reliable, discreet behind-the-wall solutions that ensure perfect functionality, outstanding convenience and maximum durability. The flush buttons are the only part of the concealed cistern the user can see. A variety of flushing systems are available, making it possible to find the right product for a particular application or special structural conditions. To make it easier to match the Geberit flush button with the appropriate cisterns, they are each given a “family name” that they share with the cisterns: Sigma, Omega or Kappa.

Sigma flushing system

Geberit Sigma System

Geberit Sigma Flushing System


All technical Information about Geberit Flush Buttons and Controlscan be found in the Product Catalogue