An intelligent micro power plant

Up until recently, touchless Geberit lavatory faucets were conventionally supplied with electricity via mains power or battery. A new generator unit now ensures that faucets can also be supplied with electricity in a sustainable way and function self-sufficiently.

Geberit’s touchless lavatory faucets are environmentally friendly products that reduce water and energy consumption. With efficient water consumption thanks to their electronics, it is with good reason that they were awarded 6 stars (category A) by the water-saving WELL label.

Using sophisticated technology, the self-sufficient generator now also supplies the faucets with energy. Like a small hydroelectric power station, the pressure of the tap water is used to generate the required electricity. The energy produced during operation is stored in a rechargeable battery. Regular battery changing is no longer necessary thanks to the use of high-performance rechargeable batteries, a factor which reduces maintenance costs.