Social project Ecuador


Heinz Waldvogel, International Sales Engineer

I am proud of turning a set of specifications into a construction project and ultimately building two WC structures. It is a challenge to order all of the materials and tools in such a way that everything needed will be there in the end. I am happy that our apprentices are being given the opportunity of carrying out an installation with Geberit products.

Rafael Anner, Occupational trainer

I am looking forward to getting to know a foreign culture and an unknown country. The knowledge of doing something good and being able to help people whose problems are different from ours. An additional motivation is to be able to carry out this kind of aid project as a representative of Geberit. I would like to reacquaint myself with modesty and flexibility.

Raphael Jud, Polytechnician (Apprentice)

I would like to help improve the living conditions of the people in this world who are in need. And that is why I am prepared to see these living conditions with my own eyes and commit to actively improving them.

Stefanie Hauck, Industrial management (Apprentice)

The social aspect is of primary importance for me. I want to help people who have a harder life than I do, get to know the people and the country, be open to new impressions and challenges, improve my knowledge of Spanish, and at the same time learn to appreciate my own standard of living more.

Heiko Heumesser, Tool mechanic (Apprentice)

My motivation for this project is great, considering that it is a unique opportunity to be able to share in such an experience.

Gabriele Schwarz, Plastics technician (Apprentice)

I would like to use this opportunity to gain experience in Ecuador and to help improve the standard of living of the schoolchildren there.

Christoph Führlinger, Plastics technician (Apprentice)

I am looking forward to learning about the country and the culture of Ecuador as well as the people there. I hope to help them as much as I possibly can.

Philippe Lacher, Designer (Apprentice)

I would like to get to know new living standards and cultures, to have new experiences with foreign people and a different continent, and ultimately to have positive memories to bring back home.

Sonny Brändli, Polytechnician (Apprentice)

I think that we will surely be able to help the people there with our efforts (installation of sanitary technology) with respect to hygiene, etc.

Patrick Kuster, Polytechnician (Apprentice)

I am taking part in this project because I enjoy working in a team. In addition, it is a good opportunity to get to know the country and people and to gather some new life experiences. That, and helping people whose lives are harder than ours.