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Geberit WC systems

Geberit WC systems: when everything has to match perfectly
Geberit WC systems offer everything necessary for a safe and economical sanitary installation. From exposed and concealed cisterns to clever flush control solutions and water-saving conversion sets through to award-winning sanitary modules – all the flush technologies offer the perfection Geberit is known for, down to the finest detail, and precisely the solution that fits the building project and its requirements. Today, Geberit AquaClean, the WC that cleans your bottom with water, is already setting the new standard for hygiene and body care in sophisticated private, semi-public and public sanitary facilities.

Complete solutions where everything works together in perfect harmony
In combination with Geberit actuator plates, which are available in many attractive designs and finishes, complete solutions for WCs are created in which the design, function and economic efficiency match perfectly.

With the design award-winning Geberit Monolith sanitary module for WCs, Geberit strikes a new path in bathroom design. Whether in a new building or bathroom renovation – the well-designed module can be installed quickly and easily and makes the installation of new WCs simple and economical.

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Geberit actuator plates provide the perfect finishing touch for bathroom installations and are available in many attractive designs that match Geberit urinal flush controls and Geberit cover plates. This means they offer harmonious solutions for every architectural concept.

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