Recharges with water flow

Touchless sensor taps recharge when running

Touchless sensor taps produce their own power. Flowing water generates power to recharge the touchless tap. No mains supply required eliminating standby power consumption. The perfect solution for everyone who sets a high value on sustainability and ecology.

Geberit’s mini power station

A small generator makes the touchless taps independent from the mains power supply or battery power. Whenever the tap is in use, the flowing water charges the accumulator via the hydroelectric turbine which produces electricity. The electricity is loading an accumulator that makes sure that the tap is operational at any time.

Top eco-balance

This system reduces the ecological impact by 50% compared to the use of batteries and 80% compared to an electrical connection. The ideal solution for sustainable projects.

Simple installation without additional power supply

Easy to install in a standard bathroom. No power point is required reducing cost, saving power and eliminating the issue of changing flat batteries. The energy accumulator has an operating life of at least 10 years, when it is used regularly. The installation is quick and almost tool-free. All settings can be remotely accessed with a service remote. The generator is installed under the basin at the isolating valve. Pre-installed power cables run with the water supply to the base of the the tap.

Product features

  • Self-sustainable operation of the taps without external electrical power supply
  • A generator integrated in the water supply system produces electricity as soon as the water is running
  • Long-lasting, proven and tested generator technology
  • Simple and almost tool-free installation
  • High-end accumulator technology
  • Quality power accumulator replaces batteries
  • 6 L per minute flow rate
  • 6 Star WELS rating

Product description

  • HyTronic185 - generator with below-desk mixer, Item code: 116.365.21.1
  • HyTronic186 - generator with below-desk mixer, Item code: 116.366.21.1

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