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Geberit HDPE trade waste and drainage solution

Geberit HDPE trade waste

European market leader in building drainage
It is not only in sanitary technology but also in building drainage that Geberit is the market leader in Europe. It is for that reason that Geberit makes continuous effort to optimise existing systems and is a pioneer in the development of new technologies and products.

High competence with fire protection and sound insulation
Geberit operates a unique Building Technology and Acoustics Laboratory in Europe. There individual components and fully installed waste and drainage systems are checked for their hydraulic, acoustic and static performances. Such as the sound transmission of a discharge stack through several floors can be tested under realistic conditions and than optimised in terms of its sound insulation properties. In the area of fire protection, Geberit works closely with external testing laboratories in order to subject prototypes to realistic tests and to certify series of products.

Trusted name in drainage technology

Over 1 million commercial and industrial buildings around the world, including hospitals, laboratories and schools, have installed Geberit HDPE drainage and rainwater solutions. This real world experience, coupled with more than 35 years of knowledge based on extensive research and development, is your guarantee that Geberit HDPE solutions deliver the latest technology for hydraulics, easy and secure installation and environmentally sound credentials.

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