• Geberit innovations 2014

    The Geberit HyTronic 185/186 touchless sensor taps recharge with water flow.Flowing water generates power to recharge the tap. No mains supply required.

    Geberit Sensor Tap 185
  • Pricelist 2015/16

    Reference Guide for Geberit concealed cisterns, buttons and accessories with Recommended Retail Price.

    Geberit Pricelist 2013 - 2014
  • The winner has been announced

    Find out more about beautiful bathroom designs, runners up and prizes!

    Geberit Bathroom Prize 2014
  • BIM Library

    3D design files for Geberit concealed cisterns and flush buttons for Commercial and Residental Bathrooms.

    Building Information Modelling | Residental and Commercial Bathrooms
  • Discover modern bathroom design

    Today a bathroom is an oasis, a place to endulge and relax. Design and functionality play a major role.

    Geberit concealed cistern with Sigma80 touchless electronic button
  • Design your bathroom with Geberit

    Perfect harmony of design and function in modern bathrooms with Geberit.

    Geberit Sigma80 touchless, electronic button
  • Commercial projects with Geberit

    Creating commercial bathrooms starts with the layout planning followed by the product selection and the best available technical solution. Geberit products support you all the way from the beginning to the end.

    Commercial reference project
  • Products

    Geberit products ensure high level of comfort utilising concealed installation and technically superior solutions. Peace of mind for all.

    Geberit concealed cistern with Sigm50 flush button
  • Customer Service

    Geberit is not only a supplier of high-quality products, but also provides technical support and customer service. 1800GEBERIT.

    Geberit Customer Service