Geberit innovations 2014

Sleek design top functionality

Geberit Sigma80 Electronic flush plate

The Geberit Sigma80 actuator plate has been created for discriminating eyes. A single fingerprint would interfere with the play of light and reflections on the shining black or metal-coated glass surface. Fortunately, however, the plate offers touchless operation.

Geberit actuator plates

Geberit Sigma01 Mechanical flush plate – the new version of a classic

The more successful a product, the more carefully it has to be tended to. With this in mind, the Geberit Samba actuator plate has been gently modernised. A new actuator plate has been launched on the market under the name Geberit Sigma01 as the next generation model. It completely replaces the Samba.
Just as with its predecessor, the Geberit Sigma01 actuator plate is offered in many colour options. Thirteen different options are available just for the activation of WC dual flush.

Geberit actuator plates

Geberit Sigma50 Mechanical flush plate - New design

With a plate that almost appears to float in front of the wall the new Sigma50 is a combination of uncompromising functionality and aesthetics, reduced to the absolute minimum. A beautifullly simple solution that exudes lightness. The design features harmoniuous proportions and frameless surface made of high quality materials, strong contoured plates and the finest craftsmanship.

Geberit actuator plates

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