An iconic product turns 50

Geberit concealed toilet cisterns since 1964

The Geberit concealed cistern is celebrating its 50th birthday. With over 60 million cisterns installed since the launch date in 1964, it is a true success story thanks to our partners. What may appear at first glance an inspiration of someone simply challenging the design turned out to be a clear-sighted, strategic step foward on the way from a single toliet to a complete solution today.

Innovative market development
Why? It was the birth of the concealed toilet cistern that also provided the initial spark for the development of inwall installation, which enabled a previously unimagined level of creative freedom in bathrooms.

Know-How Installed through partnership
Together with our customers knowledge and experience, the concealed toilet cistern translates Geberit's motto into genuine quality of life for the end user. Last but not least, suggestions from professionals have enabled the development of the concealed cistern to progress steadily over the past 50 years. In the near future it will become a stabdard bathroom appliance thanks to its features and benefits and long life expectacy.

Toilet cistern history
The first concealed cistern came off the production line in 1964 and has been installed in a Hotel's bathroom in Switzerland. It has been working ever since until the Hotel decided to go through renovation and the old toilet was replaced by its younger counterpart from the Sigma range. To see some historical images flick through our photo gallery.