Functional beauty

Award-winning, glass front toilet cistern for renovations. Geberit Monolith.

Perfect fusion of form and function

With the Geberit Monolith front of wall toilet cistern Geberit has developed a new design piece for bathrooms. It is a perfect combination of function and design and is impressive in a new building as well as a in a refurbished bathroom. The cistern can be combined with any approved toilet pan available on the market to give customnumers a broad freedom of selection.

Fast, easy installation

Installing the Geberit Monolith cistern couldn't be easier. The time and labour cost you can save on the job is substancial both for new buildings, and in renovations. No structural changes need to be made prior to installation. Existing water supply and drainage can be used as is. A modern, well-designed bathroom cannot be installed with any less trouble.

Technology and function under a classy shell

The entire flush technology and the cistern is concealed out of sight, yet easily accessibly, behind the front panel made of safety glass.