Further innovations

New roof outlet for gutters

No more soldering or welding.

The Pluvia siphonic roof drainage system continues to add new innovatiove products. For Geberit, continuous improvement is part of our DNA. The most recent example of this is the new Geberit Pluvia roof outlet with flange for gutters. The new sealing system for metal gutters elmininates welding and metal to metal contact. The flange gasket for Pluvia gutter outlets, makes installation faster and easier than ever before. The seal is made from a special elastomer that is extremly durable and resistant to ion exchange to prevent corrosion.

Geberit Pluvia

Even more durable press connections

Improved seal ring for Geberit Mapress

The Geberit Mapress pipe system are connected to each other in a secure and leak-proof way using press fittings. The connection is made by pushing the fitting with seal rings over the pipe and then securing it in position by pressing it with a special tool.

During this pressing sequence, the fitting and the pipe are identically formed, thus giving mechanical stability to the connection. The seal ring in the end of the fitting is also slightly formed, ensuring the connection remains tight for the life of the pipe.

The new Geberit Mapress fitting system has dramatically reduce the number of fitting required for different applications. The black seal ring is for drinking water, heating and cooling applications. The blue seal ring is made of a specially developed fluoroelastomer suitable for solar systems, mineral oil, heating oil, and oil-bearing air applications as well as other industrial uses. This material is characterized by a very high chemical and temperature resistance from -20 °C to +220 °C and offers even greater safety than the previously used rings.

Geberit Mapress