Always well supplied

Geberit supply systems

Lifelines for modern buildings
A modern building works like a complex organism that has to be supplied with water, heat, energy and more. Geberit delivers the solutions that maintain its functions reliably and consistently.

Vital functions in good hands
Drinking water, heating, gas, industrial plants, sprinklers and more: Geberit supply systems for residential buildings, industrial and public facilities ensure that the vital functions of the buildings and plants work as they should and ensure the reliability that our customers expect of us.

Drinking water: our most valuable resource

Drinking water is our most valuable resource for sustaining life itself and also for personal hygiene. It must meet the most stringent quality standards and is strictly monitored accordingly. With systems made in Europe Geberit ensures that the quality of the water in a building is maintained at the same level as when it left the mains supply network. The Geberit know-how – the culmination of many decades of experience and continuous further developments in our in-house R&D departments – guarantees that plumbers, sanitary engineers, operators and house owners have a reliable, state-of-the-art solution at their disposal that is always fully compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

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Gas: maximum safety is paramount

Even if gas installations only make up a small part of the supply pipes of a building, they play an important role, as the safety requirements to be met by pipes through which the volatile and explosive energy source is transported are very high. Geberit supply systems for gas are therefore subjected to especially stringent quality controls. Each fitting is individually checked during several stringent leak tests.

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Industrial plants: tailored supply systems

Industrial piping system applications are as varied and numerous as the fields they are used in. From plant engineering to the automotive industry, from shipbuilding to pharmaceutical and food processing – the Geberit range features practical solutions for steam, process water, alkalis, acids and other media.

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Sprinklers: extinguishing a fire before it spreads

Stationary fire extinguishing and sprinkler systems are designed to extinguish a fire when it starts to prevent it spreading, or to keep the fire under control so that it can be easily extinguished with other media. Geberit Mapress pressing systems are approved for a wide range of sprinkler systems and extinguishing water pipes and therefore meet the high demands of the certification bodies VdS, FM as well as the DIN regulations and also various international certification institutes.

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All the benefits on board

Our permanently leakproof systems also have many uses in the shipbuilding and offshore sectors. Shipyards, shipping companies and system suppliers have put their trust in Geberit in these areas for over 20 years.

Fast work progress

Work on building sites has to progress quickly and safely in order to achieve high economic efficiency. The Geberit pressing tools offer you low-weight and high-performance technology for reliable pressing of all the fittings of the Geberit systems.