Draining water quickly and reliably

Geberit traps for washbasins

Designed for perfect flow
Geberit traps for washbasins are shaped for optimised flow. Among other things, Geberit uses computer-animated simulation technology in the continuous development of products. The traps for washbasins therefore offer a high discharge rate as well as a considerable self-cleaning effect which prevents clogging.

Comprehensive range for every bathroom
Geberit offers a comprehensive range of attractive traps for washbasins with Geberit direct traps, Geberit concealed traps and classic Geberit tubular traps.

Easy to install and durable
To ensure a long service life and protection against corrosion, Geberit traps are made of high-quality plastic. Geberit traps for washbasins are available to match typical bathroom taps in the common surface finishes bright chrome-plated and white alpine.

Geberit Diseno bottle trap hides the trap behind an attractive design. They can therefore be integrated elegantly into the existing bathroom design and are available in bright chrome-plated finish.