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with Geberit concealed cisterns

The classic in modern bathroom installations

Geberit concealed cisterns are the classic of modern bathroom installations and have been installed a million times over around the world for more than 40 years. They are known for their proverbial reliability. Every cistern is pressure tested before dispatch. The 25-year spare parts availability and the 10 year warranty on cistern tank and frame provides long-term security. All buttons are with dual flush mechanism, the cistern's flush volume for full flush is 4.5 or 6L and 3L for half flush. The Geberit Sigma120 concealed cistern (UP300/UP320) can accomodate our new Electronic flush plate the Geberit Sigma80.

Available for all Geberit installation systems

Geberit concealed cisterns are available for every installation situation: The Geberit Duofix system for wall hung pans, Geberit GIS for prefabrication and Geberit concealed cisterns for Back to Wall pans. There are corresponding versions for the Geberit Sigma, Geberit Kappa and Pneumatic actuator plates. They can be paired with any approved manufacturer's toilet pan of equal WELS star rating.

Geberit concealed cisterns


A suitable model for every construction situation

Suitable model

Whether it be drywall or solid construction, whether new construction or renovations: With the Geberit Duofix, Geberit Kombifix, Geberit GIS and Geberit Sanbloc installation systems, Geberit always has the right solution ready for a concealed cistern. A wide range of special models enables utilisation in unusual building situations.


Quality behind the wall

Durable polyethylene

The Geberit concealed cisterns are made of durable polyethylene (PE). They are produced in the blow-casting process from a single piece without seams. After the flush bend is welded on, each cistern is tested at a testing station for hundred-percent tightness. More than 60 million installations and 50 years of experience on the market speak for themselves.


Aesthetics and design

Set accents

With the concealed technology from Geberit, everything that belongs behind the wall goes behind the wall. Only the actuator plate remains visible – and it is available in a variety of versions. This allows you to set accents in the bathroom.


Maximum stability

Installation systems

No wobbling, no vibration: The Geberit installation elements for wall-hung WCs can bear loads of up to 400 kg. The installation of the WC ceramic appliance takes place on the steel frame of the installation element which withstands these loads day in, day out.


Easy to care for

Wall-hung WC ceramic appliance

Geberit installation systems enable the installation of a wall-hung WC. Tripods and exposed cisterns are dispensed with, which means that there are no longer any places of difficult access and that cleaning is made simpler.



For 50 years

It lasts and lasts and lasts – and has been doing so for 50 years: More than 60 million installed Geberit concealed cisterns are the best evidence of their durability. Because these products function so well, Geberit provides spare part security for all function-relevant components for at least 25 years. Spare parts are also currently available for concealed cisterns that were shipped 35 years ago.


Simple maintenance

Simple and fast

Everything from Geberit is part of a well-thought-out system. That means that any maintenance work required can be accomplished simply and rapidly. The retrofitting for new technologies, e.g. for saving water or for fitting a shower toilet, can also be accomplished without difficulty in many cases.


Forward-looking innovation

The toilet of tomorrow

Geberit concealed cisterns are always a bit ahead of their time, because Geberit is already thinking today about the toilet of tomorrow. Special preparations enable the utilisation of forward-looking applications, e.g. of a shower toilet, of the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit or of a touchless actuation.

Geberit Sigma 75 concealed cistern

The Geberit Sigma 75 concealed cistern is so slim that it fits in a 75mm wall cavity. Perfect solution for in-wall installations especially for very thin wall cavity, for example, in small bathrooms or guest bathrooms. It is designed for front mechanical actuation.

Geberit Kappa Under Counter cistern 150 (UP120)

The Geberit Kappa Under Counter cistern 150 (UP120) offers low construction heights of 820mm, thus providing additional options for bathroom design. For example, you can plan half-high prewalls or partition walls with shelves for cosmetics and toiletries or even have your WC installed under a sloping roof or window parapet. Top or front flush actuation is available.

Geberit Sigma 120 concealed cistern (UP300/320)

The Geberit Sigma concealed cistern 120 (UP300/UP320) with a construction height of 1120mm is suited for quick and easy installation in part-height or room-height prewalls or partition walls. It is designed for front actuation.

WELL - Water Efficiency Label

Geberit Sigma 120 concealed cistern (UP300/320)

Awarded the highest efficiency rating – the WELL Label Class A