Proven flush technology

Geberit concealed cisterns without mounting frame

For inwall, in ceiling/in duct or under counter installation with Back to Wall pan

Geberit concealed cisterns can be installed anywhere you please. Depending on the bathrooom layout and wall cunstruction/cavity you can install the cistern inwall, elevated to the ceiling or under counter with a min. hob highth of 820mm. The Geberit concealed cisterns without the Duofix frame are particularly well suited for Back to Wall pans or in vanity installation.

Proven water-saving flush technology

Geberit concealed cisterns are available in three versions (Sigma inwall, Kappa under counter or Sigma Pneumatic). They are equipped not only with Geberit concealed cistern technology which has proven itself for decades, but also with adjustable water-saving functions and dual flush mechanism.

Geberit Sigma 75 concealed cistern

The Geberit Sigma 75 concealed cistern is so slim that it fits in a 75mm wall cavity. Perfect solution for in-wall installations especially for very thin wall cavity, for example, in small bathrooms or guest bathrooms. It is designed for front mechanical actuation.

Item code: 109.750.00.1 (6/3L) and 109.751.00.1 (4.5/3L)

Geberit Sigma 75 Pneumatic concealed cistern

One solution fits all. Designed to accommodate event the most challenging bathroom layout, the Sigma 75 Pneumatic cistern fits in almost anywhere: in ceiling, in duct or in wall. The Sigma Pneumatic buttons are felxible enogh te be placed anywhere you please.

Imortant: separate access is required for servicing.

Item code: 109.752.00.1 (6/3L), 109.753.00.1 (4.5/3L) - only for Artline Pneumatic buttons, 109.754 (6/3L) and 109.755.00.1 (4.5/3L) for Sigma Pneumatic button range.

Geberit Kappa Under Counter 150 concealed cistern (UP120)

The Geberit Kappa Under Counter cistern 150 (UP120) offers low construction heights of 820mm, thus providing additional options for bathroom design. For example, you can plan half-high prewalls or partition walls with shelves for cosmetics and toiletries or even have your WC installed under a sloping roof or window parapet. Top or front flush actuation is available.

Item code: (6/3L) and (4.5/3L)