digital control of bathroom productswith the geberit home app

An odour extraction unit integrated directly into the toilet is a fantastic feature as it extracts unpleasant odours straight from the source: the bowl. That’s exactly what the Geberit DuoFresh odour extraction unit does. Once the air has been purified by a filter, the unit releases it back into the room without any odours. The technology and filter are hidden behind the flush button where they won’t detract from the bathroom’s look. There’s also an orientation light that shows the way to the toilet at night.

To make sure you don’t forget to replace the filter or duofresh stick and to set the air suction strength and proximity sensor, the Geberit Home App controls the unit entirely from your smartphone. Orientation light too dim? No problem – just open the Geberit Home App and adjust the light to the setting you want.

Banishing odours via mobile phone

Does all that sound a bit technical? Don’t worry, it isn’t. Watch our video to see how the app works.

The Geberit Home App is available for both iOS and Android devices:

Geberit Home App in the Apple App Store
Geberit Home App in the Google Play Store