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Geberit Sovent

Space-saving drainage of high-rise buildings

Savings in construction through installing fewer stacks

The flow-optimised Geberit Sovent fittings facilitate a cost-effective configuration of stacks in high-rise buildings and take care of pressure compensation in discharge stacks, producing a continuous column of air in the stack. In doing so, they increase the capacity of the stacks and eliminate the need to install a parallel ventilating pipe and the stacks can be dimensioned smaller in many cases, which leads to substantial cost savings in terms of both material and labour.

A system with benefits

  • Geberit PE Sovent equalises the pressure and increases the discharge capacity

Outstanding discharge rate of up to 12 l/s (576 DU's) with a dimension of Ø110 thanks to the patented flow guidance (verified by exhaustive Geberit and independent testing).

  • Allows design capacities far beyond the limitations of AS3500.2.
  • Increased discharge capacity by 30% against other brands.
  • Fewer stacks: Ability to connect more fixtures up to 10 metres from stack, that reduces the number of stacks required.
  • Reduce floor penetrations and assorted costs. Saves money and space by using fewer and smaller dimensioned stacks.
  • No relief vent stacks: Sovent makes the water in the discharge stack rotate that produces a continuous column of air, which eliminates the need to install a ventilating pipe parallel to the waste water pipe.
  • 160mm stack with parallel relief vent stack can often be replaced with a single 110mm Sovent stack.

The fitting is one piece blow moulded, manufactured from the high-strength HDPE and can be combined with Geberit HDPE discharge pipes as a complete system.

  • Complete stack fittings delivered to site.
  • Stand and clip installation, one weld per floor.
  • Custom connection options to suit projects.
  • Permanent welded joints completed and inspected by qualified persons in controlled conditions off site.

Can be pre-fabricated to allow easy installation and less groundwork on site.

Increased discharge capacity in a compact design

  • Drainage flow with conventional connection of the floor pipes to the discharge stack

Conventional drainage connection

  • Water in the discharge stack meets water from the branch pipe.
  • Rapidly changing pressure situations without additional ventilation would lead to empty suctioning or blowing of the discharge stack.
  • Additional ventilating pipe required to compensate.
  • Drainage flow with Geberit PE Sovent fitting in the floor pipe on the discharge stack.

Geberit HDPE Sovent fitting

  • Increases flow capacity up to 12L/sec by balancing pneumatic & hydraulic pressures.
  • Offers versatile branch joining options.
  • Reduces stack sizes with the same loading capacity as a conventional system.
  • No additional ventilating pipe required.
  • Robust, leak-proof, lightweight material.
  • Can be pre-fabricated to allow quick and easy installation on site, thereby saving significant time.
  • Saves costs and space.