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Geberit is comitteed to longevity and sustainability with our exceptional 50-year spare parts availability guarantee. We are proud to offer this extended guarantee for all replaceable mechanical components of our concealed cisterns and flush buttons. By prioritizing durability and longevity in our product design, we aim to make a significant contribution to waste reduction. Our thoughtfully engineered cisterns are equipped with spare parts that will remain available for an impressive 50 years, allowing your concealed cisterns to serve you for decades while minimising environmental impact.

Online Catalogue

Online Catalogue

You can easily find spare parts for all current Geberit products in our Online Catalogue. Simply search the Geberit product code or product name in the search bar at the top of the page to find what you need. Each product page includes a user friendly 'exploded diagram' with all the available spare parts.

Online Catalogue

Geberit ProKnow-how at your fingertips

Discover the convenience of our all-in-one app for Geberit products and spare parts. With our product identifier feature, you can instantly identify concealed cisterns and flush buttons dating back to 1964. Our barcode and QR code scanner swiftly connects you to detailed product information, including installation manuals and spare parts overviews. Explore our comprehensive product catalogue, always accessible whenever you need it, and locate the perfect spare part effortlessly.

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