user-friendly and hygienicthanks to touchless technology

Touchless Flush Button

Geberit Sigma cisterns and actuator plates

Geberit flush buttons bring state-of-the-art sanitary comfort to the bathroom. Simple and intuitive solutions are in demand in today’s bathrooms. This can be seen in the Sigma80 flush button, for example, which is used for touchless actuation of the toilet flush. This is not only practical, but also hygienic.

Flush Button Showroom

Touchless Taps

Touchless Taps

Geberit HyTronic touchless taps are reliable and easy to install. They produce their own power with flowing water that charges an accumulator via the hydroelectric turbine which produces electricity. The electricity is loading an accumulator that makes sure that the tap is operational at any time. The generator is installed under the basin at the isolating valve.

HyTronic touchless taps