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Fingerprint resistant and easy to wipe down to keep the bathroom hygienic.

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Geberit Tone in Tone Concealed Cistern Buttons

All New Tone In Tone Collection.

A perfect response to the interior design trends for elegant monochromatic palettes with bold colour statements.

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Geberit Pluvia

Let it rain

More compact Geberit Pluvia roof outlets, which are even easier to mount than their predecessors. Through tried-and-tested technology, innovative details and a holistic service, Geberit Pluvia continues to set new standards.

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Space saving solutions from Geberit

Space Saving Solutions

Maximise the return on the usable space whilst delivering trusted solutions underpinned by innovative Swiss technology, precision, quality and European manufacture. Supported by a dedicated Geberit team Australia wide.

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Geberit SuperTube planning tool

Geberit SuperTube planning tool

Straightforward planning thanks to the dimensioning tool. The web tool guides you through the process of planning a one-dimensional discharge pipe step by step. The values and information obtained can then be collated and downloaded as a PDF file.

Geberit SuperTube planning tool